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Stone Work

Stone WorkWe work closely with each of our customers to find the right stone for your projects.

Whether you are looking for NATURAL STONE, CULTURED STONE, PAVERS or DECORATIVE CONCRETE we are able to combine different types to meet the needs of each projects. Follow our links for some new and old ideas.

Stone work is one of the many types of masonry applications. Just like other types, it is a highly durable material for construction. But its durability is greatly affected by the quality of materials used, stone pattern, and workmanship. If you are in Vermont and needs people to work on a stone work project, Rainbow Acres Landscaping is the best contractor for the job. Besides experience, our team is well-trained at laying down different kinds of stones—be they decorative concrete, pavers, cultured stones, or natural stones. Our company can create stone walls, stone driveways, stone patios, and many other stone works.

Stone Works in Landscapes

This masonry is mostly applied to build attractive patios, pool decks, walkways, sidewalks, and driveways. Stone walls are also popular outdoors, especially for the outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace. But these walls are so artistic that they can be a simple “mural” for the living room, bedroom, dining area, or virtually any room of the house.

Working with Different Types of Stone Works

Stone works can be grouped into two major types- ashlar and rubble. Both types do have their specific function in any masonry job. Stone works requiring finer and smooth finishes commonly use ashlar. Meanwhile, the pieces used for rubble stone work do not require perfection because their irregularity sets them apart from the other type.

The Perfect Stone Work for your Home and Landscape

Our clients do not have to choose between ashlar and rubble stone because you can choose both. We are experienced and skilled at combining these two and we guarantee that doing so will create a very unique appeal for any application. Imagine the combination of clean and uniform borders and fill it in with irregularly shaped stones. That’s how lovely the combination will be.

Besides combining ashlar and rubble, we can also combine different stone work materials to add uniqueness on the finished project and save you on installation cost. If you can’t afford to buy all natural stones, we can use other materials like cultured stones and decorative concrete. You don’t have to worry on the result. Your patio, sidewalk, driveway, or stone walls will still look elegant without the luxurious spending. At Rainbow Acres Landscaping we see to it that all stone works that we do are completed with quality and aesthetics in mind.

What’s important for Rainbow Acres Landscaping is to satisfy clients by building high-quality masonry stone work that is also functional and stylish. We also provide other related landscaping services for any commercial or residential spaces in Vermont. We’ve been serving Addison, Bristol, Middlebury, Burlington, Jericho, Essex Junction, Waterbury and other major areas in Vermont. Just give us a call and let’s start the stone works in your landscape, home or business establishment.

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